24 yr old girl/very large baby trying to rock while sitting on her bed without it sounding like she's masturbating. #autisticpplprobs

I like stimming, affect management via "cute aggression," and never leaving my house.


Tried to post-beach birthday selfie (specifically for my awesome eyeshadow) and this was the best of like twelve. 25 and I still can’t take a decent picture to save my goddamn life. N e way I’m a pug now ive matriculated.

  1. scaredystark said: I am your friend we are special buddies fuck anyone who doesn’t appreciate the pure magic of special buddies friendship

Special Buddy Friends! Fighting insomnia by moonlight/Working on our mental health by daylight*

*cuddling our pets

So uh, my aunt and cousin and her baby are coming to stay @ my house for the next couple of days and its fine, it’s whatever, but I’m just…..they’re going to be here for my birthday and see that I have no friends/life and I’m twenty fucking five and god not only is that embarrassing as hell (although—it’s not as if I’m fooling anyone or anything) but also really, really depressing. (and my other cousin was here w/ her boyfriend my last birthday and he saw my /room/ and it was /violating/ there are no boys allowed)


You know how people say “I’m not /shy/ I’m just introverted” like god for fucking bid
Or like “yeah, I’m really shy” like they’re being really brave or something
And I have the irrepressible, childish thoughts “if you’re shy there’s no word for me” or “you wouldn’t know shy if it slapped you in the face” etc.
Well, that’s how I feel about “prude”
Like, it’s cute u think that’s yours to reclaim
Bc it’s not. It’s mine.

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The socialites who act so nice
Won’t ever begin to let you in
They’ll act surprised, they’ll apologize
Won’t ever let on, the face you wear is all wrong

I’m glad they’re the ones on the other side of the glass
Who knows what my spirit is worth in cold hard cash
Oh, baby

How many stock photos of birthday pugs? A lot. A lot a lot.

In three days I’ll be 25. Twenty fi v ee
I’m a little bit freaking out.

I’ve been compulsively saving stock photos all day to distract myself from existential dread.

Get Your Life Right: things I have to do that am publishing bc shame & accountability

Phase 1: Basics/ADLs

—get up at a reasonable hour every day—like 9 @ the latest

—wash and get dressed (even if only sweats) ASAP. Like, not @ my usual 2PM but within 2 hours of waking

—schedule at least 2 hours a day of proper work—-like sitting somewhere other than bed either working or looking for work

—go outside at least once a day

—read out of a physical book every day

Phase 2: uncomfortabler   AKA *~~*G0ALZ*~~*

—talk/write to someone on a daily basis (on tumblr, texting, a telemarketer, cashier, literally anyone who is not a pet or my mom)

—leave the house for something “fun” at least once a week (go shopping, to a movie, to the beach, for a walk with the dogs etc.)

—stop buying shit you don’t need

—umm get a job or smth or do regular editing work

—cook a meal once a week

—clean at least a little bit of something once a week

—make daily, achievable to-do lists with tasks and DO THEM

—overcome my moral/philosophical/personal repulsion to self-improvement and self-improvement culture