25 yr old girl/very large baby trying to rock while sitting on her bed without it sounding like she's masturbating. #autisticpplprobs

I like stimming, affect management via "cute aggression," and never leaving my house.


I’ve been watching this ghost show, The Dead Files, for awhile now and I really like it. It actually freaks me out sometimes even! In the show this psychic medium and ex detective investigate hauntings. The psychic goes in and speaks to the ghosts etc. meanwhile the detective investigates the history of the property and at the end they compare notes. And the psychic woman is so like off-puttingly weird and I love her. I also like it because she often encounters really weird supernatural-but-not-ghosts things that are really interesting.

so anyway, I was watching an episode and she was telling the people about all of the things she encountered. And besides the normal ghosts there were also these tall creatures that would scrape at and look in this family’s windows. She’s telling the family about these creatures and what they want and she’s going into what they need to do to get rid of all the ghosts. etc.

And at the very end they ask if the tall things will go away too and she’s like…..Nah, those are actually aliens. There’s nothing I can do about them.


Like, what a hero.

one of the best moments of television I’ve ever seen probably

And they’re just sitting there crying—their whole world torn apart—like “I’m glad we can get rid of the ghosts but then you tell us we have aliens!!!??!!”

Ha. I’m pretty sure they were better off before. They’re like calling their lawyer to sue for emotional distress. God.


My Kaya doesn’t understand that she can push doors open and it is adoorable

I can’t believe only one heart. Did u miss or…?


Just cut nearly all of the hair off of robins butt because it had diarrhea allll over

I think he’s a little sick my poor poopy baby

I’m home alone for the next two weeks! I can hang out in the living room!

Except for my stepdads son who is now living in a guest cottage here and is completely insufferable and rude and obnoxious and I loathe and he was supposed to be gone but surprise he’s not he’ll never leave unless you force him (but my mom made him promise not to come in the house when they’re not here and have instructed me to keep everything locked up so he doesn’t steal stuff) it’s terrible!

I have a job interview (and I’m shitting myself) but it could be a ticket out

My Kaya doesn’t understand that she can push doors open and it is adoorable







writhing pile of cat children. disgusting

i’m going to throw up.

jesus christ the PURRING 

I feel like I just gained another year on my life from this.

tumblr, this was made for you


*whispurrs* They aren’t kittens; they’re …….’tato tots 🙀

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Soo tonight I went to a pizza place and guess who was there in line in front of me??

Sry not Chris Evans

It was Ponytail physicist dude from the CERN documentary I watched literally last night.

Like…I spent two hours making jokes about this dude and then the very next night ~voila~ (plus I never leave the house so what are the odds??)

I see him and all I can think is, “oh god, last night I said, ‘you might be able to discover the god particle but you’ll never be able to explain that hair’ and you’re right in front of me am I in biiiiig trouble”

Ps I think I disproved chaos theory??

Ive been looking for apartments in and around San Francisco for the job I may or may not get (because I can think about moving but I cannot think about interviewing or starting a new job or meeting new people without feeling like throwing up). Basically I’m distracting myself from unpleasant tasks/thoughts with other less unpleasant thoughts.

Anyway, I’m browsing studio apartments (@ like 2500 a mo. Lol there goes my entire salary) and there’s just something fundamentally fucked up about having a bed in the same room as a kitchen. I don’t want to have to worry whether that’s a blood or tomato sauce stain on my sheets. I don’t want my bedroom to smell like ripening bananas and I def don’t want my kitchen to smell like ~bedroom things~. But I guess there’s something to be said for cooking dinner from bed (which is something literally possible in some of these places). Just sittin in bed. Makin a stir fry.